When you consider starting a business, there’s nothing like the combination of distain for the status quo, a good idea shared with a friend at a kitchen table and sheer guts. That’s how it was for Experior’s founders—an owner operator and an air freight dispatcher.

When the company got rolling in 1998, there was one truck and one goal: to bring outstanding reliability, efficiency and customer service to the freight transportation industry. The vision was lived out everyday with LTL and partial shipments that ran east coast lanes, and the business thrived. Good word about the company and its business practices spread and before long, Experior expanded to serve the entire country.

By 2006, the company had expanded to over 70 trucks and built a new facility to accommodate the growth that also included more operational expertise, increased logistics capabilities and additional service offerings.

Today, the idea that began around the kitchen table is still alive and well and operating out of a new, high-tech, sleek facility that accommodates over 250 trucks and has 70 dock doors, a 12 bay full-service repair center, a 4-bay fueling station and a certified truck scale. Next-generation technological capabilities keep freight moving with extraordinary precision and customer-centric account managers and dispatchers micro-manage operations to ensure freight gets to its destination safely, reliable and efficiently.

Experior is well on its way to achieving new goals in the freight transportation industry. Be a part of it.