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A full-service, asset-based 3PL that specializes in providing our customers with a complete logistics solution.


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Delivering excellence nationwide


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Who We Are

Experior Global is an asset-based freight forwarder with over 500 tractor trailers and 5 strategically located warehouses across the country – 1M sq ft and growing. We are your one-stop shop for a complete logistics solution. We can transport your goods anywhere in the country, and our fulfillment network provides a wide range of DTC services. We go above and beyond to set ourselves up to meet the logistics needs of the future. We are committed to enhancing your service to your consumers through innovative ideas, strong leadership, and cutting-edge technology, whether it’s an existing relationship or a new one.

Global Transport
Fulfillment & Transportation Asset Based

Experior Global


Why Choose Us


Experior Global: Your first-class logistics partner! With comprehensive tracking, we expertly move items all around the world. Feel the difference right away with your first shipment!

Fulfillment & Distribution

  • Asset based with over 5 Distribution Centers.
  • Fully Integrated WMS Warehouse Technology.
  • Inventory / Pick Pack Solutions.
  • Import / Export Container Deconsolidation.
  • Cross Dock / Multi-stop Delivery Solutions.
  • Specialized Trade Show Transport & Storage.
  • Lift Gate Vans & Refers.

Truckload / LTL

  • Strong Brokerage that is asset based with over 500 Tractor Trailers and 500 Employed Drivers.
  • Direct and On Demand Delivery Services.
  • Fully Integrated TMS and YMS Technology.
  • Expertise – Temp. Control, High Value Courier, and Custom Critical.
  • Accurate and Up To Date Delivery Status & History.
  • Real Cost Savings / Flexibility / Brokerage Capabilities.
  • Full LTL services throughout US and its borders Omni Channel Experts.
  • Airport-to-Airport, Same Day, Overnight, Lift Gate, Final Mile.

Energy Efficient

  • Tractor Advancements: Ensuring safety and performance with state-of-the-art camera and emissions systems.
  • Industry Certifications: Recognized certifications validating our commitment to excellence.
  • Wind-Draft/Fuel Efficient Trailers: Optimizing fuel consumption for greener transportation.
  • SmartWay Program: Advancing supply chain sustainability through efficient freight transportation with measurable improvements.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

1. E-commerce order fulfillment: Selecting, packaging, and shipping products in response to online orders. This process includes managing customer refunds and exchanges and interfacing with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

2. Amazon FBA Prep and Fulfillment: Meticulously readying items for transport to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, adhering rigorously to the company’s exacting guidelines for product labeling, packaging, and bundling.

3. Inventory Management: Orchestrating the monitoring, storage, and control of inventory to ensure the maintenance of ideal stock levels and minimize occurrences of items being out-of- stock. This encompasses the synchronization of data with e-commerce systems such as Amazon Seller Central for streamlined operations.

truck workshop

4. Warehousing and Storage: Strategically arranging the warehouse to facilitate efficient order processing while offering tailored storage resolutions for various products.

5. Transportation Management: Skillfully coordinating and optimizing various transportation choices to guarantee punctual and economical product delivery to customers, Amazon fulfillment centers, or alternative sales channels.

6. Kitting and Assembly: We merge individual items into cohesive kits or assembling products, all in accordance with client specifications or the guidelines set by Amazon FBA.

7. Tailored Packaging and Branding: Creating and executing personalized packaging solutions that resonate with the client’s brand identity, enhancing the overall customer experience. This may encompass a range of options, such as poly envelopes, poly mailers with inserts, or branded boxes, all contributing to a cohesive and memorable brand interaction.


8. Multi-channel Fulfillment: Adept management of order processing across a spectrum of sales avenues, encompassing diverse e-commerce platforms, prominent marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, as well as physical brick-and-mortar retail establishments.

9. Freight Forwarding: Strategic orchestration and oversight of global shipments, encompassing critical aspects such as seamless customs clearance, meticulous documentation, and streamlined logistics. This service is indispensable for enterprises engaged in sourcing products internationally or participating in international markets.

10. Reverse Logistics: Expertly overseeing the intricate spectrum of activities related to returns, exchanges, and refunds, as well as adeptly managing the intricate intricacies of product recalls and responsible disposal.

11. Value-added Services: Encompass a spectrum of supplementary offerings, including but not limited to quality control, product customization, labeling, and an array of specialized tasks that cater precisely to the client’s unique needs.

12. Seamless Technology Integration: The core of Experior’s approach, harmonizing with the client’s e-commerce platform, Amazon Seller Central, order management software, and other cutting-edge technologies. This integration is pivotal in enhancing Experior’s ability to provide superior service to its clients.

13. Customer Support: We provide a comprehensive range of assistance to effectively manage inquiries, address complaints, and resolve any issues that may arise in connection with the logistics and fulfillment process. This service is offered on behalf of the client to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for their customers.

14. Asset-based Trucking Services (USA): Experior delivers asset-based trucking services through its proprietary fleet of vehicles, furnishing businesses with reliable and adaptable transportation options. These encompass a broad spectrum of transportation services, extending from less-than-truckload (LTL) to full truckload (FTL), expedited shipping, and more.

15. Final Mile: Experior provides all-encompassing final mile solutions, employing sprinter vans for the swift and seamless delivery of e-commerce merchandise. This entails managing local transportation, meticulous delivery scheduling, real-time tracking, white glove services, reverse logistics, dedicated customer support, and seamless technology integration.

16. Strategic Warehouse Locations: At Experior, we operate multiple warehouse facilities across the United States to optimize shipping times and minimize transportation costs for our clients. Some key locations to consider for efficient logistics operations include:

  • Alsip, IL: Strategically positioned near Chicago, this location grants businesses swift access to pivotal Midwest and nationwide transportation hubs.
  • Schaumburg, IL: Our Schaumburg, IL site, adjacent to Chicago, strategically taps into major markets, boasts superior transportation networks, a thriving business landscape, skilled workforce, and robust support infrastructure, empowering B2B and B2C clients with efficient logistics solutions.
  • Edison, NJ: Nestled in the populous Northeast, Edison facilitates seamless access to key markets like NYC, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., ensuring swift deliveries to a vast customer base.
  • Dallas, TX: Serving as a central nexus in the South, Dallas offers prime connectivity to Texas, neighboring states, key West Coast routes, and Mexico, making it an optimal choice for expanded customer reach.
  • Hamilton, NJ: Strategically stationed in the Northeast near NYC and Philadelphia, Hamilton offers streamlined distribution, accelerated delivery times, exceptional transportation networks, a thriving business environment, skilled workforce, and robust support infrastructure, endowing B2B and B2C clients with logistics supremacy.

Our Values

Asset Based Performance

We strengthen your supply chain by providing transportation and fulfillment alternatives that are convenient, well-organized, and reasonably priced. Working with us will provide you immediate access to the expertise and strategies we’ve cultivated as industry leaders. The rapid growth of our company has allowed us to invest in over five distribution centers and five hundred tractor trailers, allowing us to store and transport goods for all across the United States.
We give complete visibility into our WMS, TMS, and YMS, along with the availability of experts who can deliver effective dashboard reporting to the KPIs that matter to you, since we want actuals VS targets to always be readily available.

Data Transparency

Crystal Clear Billing

Since our partnership is based on complete transparency, we will ensure that accurate billing is performed beginning with the very first invoice, giving you peace of mind that you have all you need for efficient management.
We try to establish a partnership of the highest caliber, one in which you will always know we’ve got your back. In order to better acquaint you with who we are and what we do, the Account Managers and Industrial Engineers at our company are always available to respond to any service or technical questions you may have.

Happy To Help

High Standards

Each and every member of our staff is committed to providing exceptional service as a group. We want to be evaluated based on how well we are able to move freight in and out of the facility in a timely manner, while ensuring that the quality of your goods is maintained.
We provide consultation services in the areas of transportation and fulfillment, supported by hundreds of years’ worth of cumulative knowledge.

Advisory Executives