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Delivering excellence nationwide


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You can always expect on-time, exceptional performance with Experior, from our logistics expertise to our coast to coast and border to border network. We will get the job done efficiently. Get the options, flexibility, reliability and security you need for all kinds of freight. We’ll give your shipment top priority!

We specialize in:

  • Less-than truckload
  • High value freight
  • Validated cold chain
  • Liftgate trailers
  • Expedited shipping
  •  Inbound truckload services
  • Tradeshow transport
  • Auto transport

Less-than Truckload

Our LTL freight service is direct, and packages are loaded in the order they will deliver, which means it will not be touched by anyone along the way. Less handling means less risk,  a lower freight claims ratio and a fast transit time. 

Volume LTL: If your freight is larger in size and weight than traditional LTL freight, you can use our volume LTL option for your shipment. This option is also direct, which makes the shipment faster, safer and less expensive for your business.

Refrigerated LTL: Experior has the capability and expertise to handle refrigerated or frozen LTL shipments. Because your temperature-sensitive shipment doesn’t get handled in transit, it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

High Value Freight

We’re dedicated to handling and transporting your high value cargo with safety and efficiency. All of our drivers and staff follow guidelines and procedures to ensure that our standards exceed your expectations. Trust our experienced team to pick up, transport and deliver your freight with safety, security and efficiency.

Our high value cargo transportation includes:

  • Specially equipped trailers and redundant security devices
  • Embedded GPS units within both the tractor and trailer
  • Preplanned routes that avoid high-risk locations
  • 24-hour dispatch oversight while in transit
  • Detailed point-of-origin and destination seal protocols
  • Top-level in-transit security procedures
  • Team service and escorts upon request

Validated Cold Chain Transportation

Our first-class cold chain transport team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding standard operating procedures and addressing any extra needs or requirements you may have. We pay close attention to your shipments while following all compliance guidelines, federal regulations and standards to make sure your pharmaceutical and biotechnology products are never at risk of becoming adulterated during transport.

Our cold chain transportation includes:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Thermal mapped trailers
  • Compliant installation, operation and performance procedures
  • GPS monitoring and reporting of location and temperature every fifteen minutes throughout the duration of the trip
  • Specially trained and experienced cold chain transport drivers
  • Hard-copy temperature data reports provided upon completion of the shipment to support your regulatory compliance needs

Liftgate Trailers

Our liftgate trailers ensure quicker, easier and safer transfers and transport when your freight needs to be delivered or picked up from a facility that is not equipped with a dock. Liftgate capabilities are also available for your temperature-sensitive shipments and include careful attention and special handling.

Inbound Truckload Services

Experior is proud to offer inbound truckload services for truckloads headed to the Chicagoland area. Since our outbound model is Load to Ride, we can provide your business with a cost savings when we match your network requirements with our needs to bring our trucks back to home base. We can help you move your freight efficiently with our cost-effective inbound truckload service opportunities.

Tradeshow Transport

Experior’s specialized tradeshow transport services provide on-time, damage-free shipments which gives echibitors a peace of mind. Our knowledgeable team offers a customizable approach depending on the needs and requirements of the tradeshow venue. Trust Experior to get your shipment to major exhibit centers, small events or from show to show on time and in perfect condition.

Our tradeshow transport services include:

  • Full pad wrap services
  • Delivery to advanced receiving and direct to the showroom floor
  • Pre-printed bill of lading
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Full load, volume and LTL time-critical transport
  • On-site show representation
  • Contracted warehouse storage locations in every major tradeshow city

Expedited Shipping

Our experts are always prepared to handle tight schedules and strict requirements when you have a high-level, top priority shipment. We offer same day, next day and second day air freight and air charter services. Experior’s international technology systems and navigation software will keep your freight moving full speed ahead.

Auto Transport

Experior offers auto hauling services with both open and enclosed trailers. We have a $1,000,000 insurance policy to provide security to all of our customers.

Other Specialty Services

  • Intermodal services via our contracts with all major railroads
  • Flatbed, step deck, double drop, over-dimensional and overweight loads

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