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Training in an actual tracking terminal! Practice at a real truck dock — not a simulated one! Learn how a real trucking terminal operates!

Training Program
5 days a week on both a full-time, and a part-time basis.
Students have the choice of attending school. This allows our students the best opportunity to train at their own pace and not conflict with other commitments.
Full-time weekday classes run Monday through Friday, 9AM -5PM, approximately 40 hours per week.
Part-time weekday classes run Monday through Friday 9AM – 12PM / 1PM – 5PM, approximately 20 hours per week. Please see your admissions counselor for specific information regarding actually yard, and classroom hours.


We utilize a variety of late model conventional tractors, and various transmissions, as well as different brands of vehicle, so you get an all-around training experience.

  • Both weighted & empty road trailers, so you get the experience of driving with a load and taking a truck through scales.
  • One truck per two students whenever possible.
  • Training on Class A Vehicles with Air Brakes
  • Training is done in a real trucking terminal as well as in our parking lot, which is among the biggest of such lots in the Chicago area 
  • On-the-road training occurs on public streets and highways, not on a closed track, so you get real-life experience


Our tractor-trailer driving programs are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. These programs familiarize you with tractor-trailer systems and components. You will learn to conduct an efficient pre-trip inspection in accordance with CDL requirements and become proficient in troubleshooting minor mechanical problems. 

Students are also taught to couple/uncouple a tractor-trailer and develop the backing skills necessary to pass the Commercial Driver’s License test.

The focus of these courses is on the safe and proper handling of semi tractor-trailers, both in restricted areas and on public streets and highways.

Students are exposed to many different driving situations, such as two-lane roads and highways.