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We moved to Experior Global right before BlackFriday/Cyber Monday sales in 2023. We had spoken with their team and physically visited before making the correct decision to relocate our entire inventory to their very capable warehouse. 

We suffered greatly at our prior 3pl warehouse, and reached out to Experior Global to inquire as to their business practices, lead times, costs and ability to safeguard our entire value of product. The vetting process was very comfortable, they answered all of our questions, were very forthright with costs, cutoff times, how they process returns, and how quickly they can give us tracking details for all shipments.

As noted, we moved in during a very busy time in this industry, yet they managed it extraordinarily well! We had no late shipments, no miss-ships, and tracking numbers early in the day so that we could close out our orders. We ARE so impressed with the entire team! I could not recommend Experior Global more highly. We have direct communication with the CEO, managers and all support staff. We did not have this level of communication in our prior 3pl, and as a small business; this is critical to us.

They have taken care of our inventory like it was their own, a new experience for us! As a drop- shipper all we want from a 3pl is to safeguard our product, get our orders shipped out correctly and on time, communicate when they see issues, and charge a fair price for their service. Experior Global has exceeded all of our expectations!

Feel free to reach out if you need any personal discussion regarding their services.

Sharon Stuart, CEO BedVoyage

425-949-8216 ext 101

TESTIMONIAL FROM President Armaan Arora

The outstanding service I received from Experior is unparalleled. My company would not have grown as much without them. When it comes to meeting my operation criteria, Experior has consistently gone the extra mile. Their upfront pricing structure is what really sets them apart and guarantees that they will meet all of my company’s requirements. If you are seeking a dependable and encouraging Logistics partner with your business, I strongly suggest Experior.