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Experior is a Polish transport ation  company that has been operating in Chicago for  over  20 years. 
Experior is headquartered in Alsip, IL. The company also has warehouses in New Jersey and Texas.

Experior offers  to  drivers the latest equipment and loads to all US states. European drivers with at least 1 year of experience in
trucks with a trailer who want to work as a professional driver in the US can contact Experior  for sponsorship.

Experior is happy to help with the formalities necessary for the driver to obtain permanent residence in the USA!

We provide work in a harmonious team on modern, well-kept equipment.

Interested applicants should be aware that the waiting period for a “green card” is 1.5 to 2 years and the cost is approximately $10,000.

Before you call, please see this link for all information about    Green Card  Sponsorship

For more information, please contact us by  phone or  e-mail:

USA                      +1- 312-825-8934 (7am-5pm CST)

PL                        +48-71-710-9780 ( 7am-5pm CST )

We also sponsor Diesel Engine Mechanics

For more information, please contact us  by  phone or  e-mail:

USA                      +1- 312-825-8934 ( 7am-5pm CST )

Whatsapp        +1- 312-825-8934 ( 7am-5pm CST )

USA: 12161 S. Central Ave, Alsip, IL 60803