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Experienced drivers from Europe have the opportunity to work and permanently stay in the USA.

POLMAX LLC – Experior Transport acts as a sponsor – that is, a guarantor guaranteeing employment upon arrival in the USA, which is one of the grounds for obtaining a green card. The entire process consists of three steps, takes approximately four years, and costs in the region of $ 12,000.


CDL DRIVING LICENSE TRAINING – COST $4000 – reimbursement after one year of work in the company

Age: up to 50 years

Experience: minimum 1 year (documented) in the profession of a driver on trucks with a trailer (C + E).

English: communicative, sufficient to pass the driving test and to perform everyday professional duties

Criminal record certificate: from any country in which the applicant has resided for more than 6 months

Willingness to work at Experior Transport / Polmax: failure to appear at the workplace after arriving in the USA will be considered a breach of immigration law and may result in the withdrawal of a permanent residence card

Financial capacity: the candidate is fully responsible for all sponsorship, US flight and accommodation costs

Nice personality: at Experior / Polmax there is a friendly, family atmosphere and we expect mutual respect from our employees

About company:

The company was founded in June 1998 under the name POLMAX Transport. The company is headquartered in Alsip, IL in the southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Currently, the company operates under the name Experior Transport, has approximately 160 trucks and 300 trailers. The company has transhipment warehouses in Illinois (Alsip), New Jersey (Edison) and Texas (DaIlas). 

At the base in Alsip / Chicago there is a warehouse, parking lot, office, fuel station, weigh for trucks, repair shop, accommodation for drivers, showers, laundry and a lounge with a kitchen. The company also has an office in Wrocław – Poland

Work system:

Experior trucks can be found in every state in the USA. The vast majority of cargo is sent to the eastern (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia), southern (Florida, Texas) and slightly less often to the western states (Arizona, California, Oregon). Most of the loads are picked up from our Chicago base. Dry loads are loaded on “vans”, while food products or products requiring a suitable temperature are loaded on “reefers”. Usually, the route consists of several unloadings that are close to each other and take place on the same day or two day’s. After complete unloading, the driver is loaded back to Chicago. Time on the road depends on the distance. A trip of 800 miles (eg Pennsylvania) is a 2.5-3 day trip, 1500 miles (eg Florida) is approx. 5 days on the road, a route to the West (approx. 2000 miles) is a week trip. The driver is not responsible for the manual unloading of the load, unless agreed in advance. Manual unloading is pay’d extra.


Experior strives to always deliver high earnings and follow the market demands. The current offer differs from competitors and is very attractive. Drivers with an employment contract (form W2) receive 60 cents per mile and $ 50 per each delivery. After 6 months it is possible to become self-employed (form 1099), then drivers receive 70 cents for the mileage and $ 50 for each delivery.
Every 6 months, each driver undergoes an evaluation where his performance is taken into account, such as: arrival on time for unloading / loading, number of miles traveled per month, availability, not getting fines, etc. take two courses to the East. Then the earnings will be in the range of $ 2000 – $ 2700 dollars a week gross. Due to the fact that earnings depend on the number of miles traveled, drivers who, for various reasons, do only one route a week are able to earn over $ 1000 (800 miles x 2 x $ 0.60 = $ 960 plus 4 unloads = $ 1160). Annual earnings will vary depending on the driver’s driving style, time spent at home, and length of vacation in a given year, although a driver should easily earn $ 70,000 – $ 100,000 gross a year by doing a diligent job. The minimum wage required by the Department of Labor is just under $ 50,000. Taxes depend on the family situation (shared income), number of children, expenses, real estate owned, etc. On average, you should expect taxes in the range of 20% -30% of your income. You can also expect a tax refund at the end of the year, but this depends on your personal circumstances and you should seek the advice of your accountant

Costs of living:

After arriving to the USA, you must take into account additional costs. If the driver comes alone, he has the option of using our accommodation for up to 3 months or at the time of obtaining CDL. Whichever comes first.

When coming with your family, you should rent an apartment in advance to ensure proper conditions for family members.

The cost of renting a flat is around $ 1000 – $ 1200 dollars per month plus a deposit (the equivalent of one month’s rent).

Additional example costs are:

Mobile phone – $ 100 per month

Car – A 10-year-old used car will cost around $3000 – $8000 (more these days)

Home Internet – $ 60

Gym – $ 50 per month

Fuel – $ 4 per gallon

Electricity / gas – $ 200 per month

Car insurance – $ 300- $ 400 for six months

Health insurance:

There is no universal free health care in the US, so every resident should take out health insurance against illness. In the absence of health insurance, the costs of hospitalization can reach several hundred thousand dollars, even for a short stay in the hospital. Experior offers its employees health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield, and the monthly fee depends on the number of family members and the selected insurance plan. The monthly cost ranges from $ 244 for one person to $ 1508 for an entire family on the most expensive plan.

Green card sponsorship:

Before starting your sponsorship, review and agree to Experior’s offering and terms of service.
If the candidate meets the above-mentioned conditions, he or she should be interviewed with Anna:

Tel. W USA       +1- 847-563-0082 (6am – 9am  CST)
Whatsapp        +1- 312-825-8934  (6am – 9am  CST)

For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail:

We also sponsor Diesel Engine Mechanics – for more details please call Bogdan:

USA                     +1- 630-390-4748  (9am – 5pm  CST)
Whatsapp          +1- 630-390-4748  (9am – 5pm CST)


The sponsorship process takes place without agencies or intermediaries.

The company does not charge any fees for sponsorship assistance. Experior only works with one solicitor’s office that is responsible for the cases formally related to sponsorship. If you have any questions, please contact:

Ewa Brożek –  USA +1-224-622-9129

Immigration Lawyer Office Krzysztof Kurczaba:

Kurczaba Law Offices, P.C.

6219 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60646

Tel: 773-774-0000

Three stages of sponsorship (48 months)

STAGE 1 – Department of Labor

This is the longest stage and it can take18 to 24 months from the start of the case. This stage consists in proving to the Labor Office that Experior is not able to find experienced employees using the resources of the local market and expresses the willingness to bring the candidate to a given position from outside the USA. The candidate must prove that he meets the requirements for the position. If the Labor Office determines that bringing the candidate from outside the USA will not result in taking the job away from the American citizen, it agrees to the initiation of the procedure by the Immigration Office, i.e. stage 2. The costs of advertisements in the first stage are covered by the company/sponsor

Stage 1 begins with the preparation of a job advertisement by Experior and lawyers, which must be published in the press for a minimum period of 90 days. After this period, we have to wait another 30 days to prove to the Labor Office (DOL) the lack of suitable candidates in the US. The next step is to determine the average wage – prevailing wage determination – it takes another 30 days. After this time, we can submit your ETA9089 application, on the basis of which DOL will grant the candidate a PERM, i.e. a work permit for a foreigner.

STAGE 2 – Immigration Office

To begin stage 2, you must pay the appropriate fees and transfer them to law firm’s account

$ 4700 – Legal Fee

$ 715 – Government Fee

$ 2805 – optional – Stage Two Acceleration Fee from 3-4 weeks

STAGE 3 – Visa Center

After the immigration petition is approved by the Immigration Service, the case goes to the National Visa Center (NVC).

Before the third stage begins, the appropriate fees must be paid:

$ 345 – Visa

$ 2200 – Visa Process

$ 345 + $ 1450 for each additional adult family member or $ 345 + $ 950 per child

$ 235 for each family member – green card production

During the third stage, a date will be set for the interview with the Consul in the country of residence. Before visiting the Embassy, complete the required documents, undergo the required medical examinations, and compulsory vaccinations. Additionally, fingerprints will be taken during the conversation. If the interview with the consul is successful, the passports with the immigrant visa will be returned within 10 days. After receiving your passports, you can cross the border with the United States as full Permanent Residents.

The waiting time for the interview at the embassy may vary depending on the country in which the meeting is to be held. Usually, the waiting time for an appointment is about 6-18 months.

Entry to the United States

Candidates from Canada and Ireland undergo the immigration procedure for entering the US in their home country, while candidates from other countries will have to undergo this process at an airport in the USA.

The immigration officer will check your documents, collect a sealed envelope from the Embassy, conduct a short interview and welcome you to the USA. After about 7-14 days from the date of entry, you will receive a Social Security card with a number that will allow you to start the procedure of receiving documents, set up a bank account, buy a subscription phone, etc.

CDL driving license

The candidate has 45 days after entering the US to obtain a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) – equivalent to category C + E and start working as a driver at Experior. The first step after receiving your Social Security card will be to pass the passenger car exam. The correct document (plastic) is delivered by mail after about 7 days. After you have obtained your driving license, you can take the theory test at the CDL. The theory test consists of three parts, similar to the driving test.


The theoretical exam consists of three parts:

– General Knowledge

– Air Brakes

– Combination Vehicle – component vehicle (tractor – semi-trailer)

Study materials will be made available after the sponsorship process begins. The exam is conducted in English, on a computer, and consists in selecting the correct answers A, B, C.

The practical exam consists of the following parts:

– Pre-trip inspection. This part of the exam consists of verbally answering the examiner’s questions pointing to the appropriate parts of the truck.

The exam is conducted in English and the candidates most often fail this part of the exam! A sample YouTube video is available under the title: “How to perform a Class A CDL Pre-Trip inspection”

– Skills test – driving on the maneuvering square. A sample video is available on YouTube under the title “CDL Skills Test”

– City driving.

Drivers will have the opportunity to practice before the exam using Experior equipment and an instructor. After obtaining a CDL driver’s license, drivers will complete a course at Experior. The length of the course will depend on the candidate’s skills.


Typically, trucks at Experior are replaced every 3 years. In the 2019/2020 season, the entire fleet was replaced with new Freightliner Cascadia trucks and in 2022/2023 Volvo trucks equipped with: 12-speed automatic gearbox, intelligent cruise control, lane change warning, LED lamps, two beds, refrigerator, parking heater and air conditioning. Smart, and 2-axle drive.

Additional information:

YouTube: Experior Transport

USA: 12161 S. Central Ave, Alsip, IL 60803


Get your CDL license for FREE.
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Training in an actual tracking terminal! Practice at a real truck dock — not a simulated one! Learn how a real trucking terminal operates!

Training Program
5 days a week on both a full-time, and a part-time basis.
Students have the choice of attending school. This allows our students the best opportunity to train at their own pace and not conflict with other commitments.
Full-time weekday classes run Monday through Friday, 9AM -5PM, approximately 40 hours per week.
Part-time weekday classes run Monday through Friday 9AM – 12PM / 1PM – 5PM, approximately 20 hours per week. Please see your admissions counselor for specific information regarding actually yard, and classroom hours.


We utilize a variety of late model conventional tractors, and various transmissions, as well as different brands of vehicle, so you get an all-around training experience.

  • Both weighted & empty road trailers, so you get the experience of driving with a load and taking a truck through scales.
  • One truck per two students whenever possible.
  • Training on Class A Vehicles with Air Brakes
  • Training is done in a real trucking terminal as well as in our parking lot, which is among the biggest of such lots in the Chicago area
  • On-the-road training occurs on public streets and highways, not on a closed track, so you get real-life experience


Our tractor-trailer driving programs are a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. These programs familiarize you with tractor-trailer systems and components. You will learn to conduct an efficient pre-trip inspection in accordance with CDL requirements and become proficient in troubleshooting minor mechanical problems.
Students are also taught to couple/uncouple a tractor-trailer and develop the backing skills necessary to pass the Commercial Driver’s License test.
The focus of these courses is on the safe and proper handling of semi tractor-trailers, both in restricted areas and on public streets and highways.
Students are exposed to many different driving situations, such as two-lane roads and highways.